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KEran hallit

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KEran HaLLIt

Makes space for local food

KEran hallit

Makes space for experiments

KEran hallit

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KEran hallit

Makes space for culture

KEran hallit

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KEran hallit

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A former logistics center has been turned into Keran Hallit, a new center for services and goods. It is a place to experience and experiment with solutions for a more sustainable future. Whether you come by car or public transport, Keran Hallit is easy to access – welcome to explore and experience a variety of services!

Keran Hallit is a unique experimentation aiming at understanding and developing more sustainable services and infrastructures. Keran Hallit offers a platform for people, groups, and companies seeking to try out and develop new ideas. There’s an abundance of free space that can be easily modified for different purposes. For citizens, the halls offer delightful and engaging events, exciting services, and possibilities to try a more sustainable lifestyle.  

rEntIng tHe PreMiseS

050 403 8000


It’s no longer possible to hold public events indoors.
Flea markets are no longer held at Keran Hallit.